Westchester County interior design

The interior design of a Westchester home is a reflection of the taste and lifestyle of the family. Peter Kurth believes that each client's home should reflect a unique look, and that a cookie cutter or trendy "look" is not what most discerning clients want.

Interior design in Westchester is a direct offshoot of the structural design of the home. Skylights, balconies, and room layouts directly impact the interior design. Great rooms and open spaces are in demand, as families focus more on home time and "cocooning" and these spaces lend themselves to both more modern and traditional interior design.

In Westchester, especially, interior design often includes a home office, as more and more clients telecommute or have a professional office in the home. Peter Kurth, as a longtime Architect in Westchester, designs interiors to reflect the proposed usage and tastes of his clients.

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