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It has become increasingly difficult to find suitable land and many clients are concerned by the long approval process. Environmental concerns and the lack of availability of "flat level land" make most vacant land difficult to develop. Our firm’s expertise for the past 30 years has been working with unique one-of-a kind difficult sites. In order to get these sites approved we must deal with various environmental agencies including Zoning Boards, Architectural Review Boards, Wetlands Boards, Coastal Management Commissions, and Planning Boards concerned about Steep Slopes. The time process for approval is often very extended but most of our clients that are willing to endure this process are rewarded with breathtaking new homes.

Of particular note is the preference by many clients for certain styles that are increasingly popular today. Our firm has responded to clients who request Traditional style, "Shingle style" or "Newport Style" a turn-of-the century style that was made famous by the Architectural firm of McKim, Mead & White with houses that were designed in Newport and the Hamptons. We have recently designed an original historic colonial style house for a client in Princeton, New Jersey. This house is a creative new "modern" colonial house that is utilizing exact "period" features such as "aged" wood plank floors.

We have been responding to requests for homes designed in the “shingle style” and we see it as a continuing trend that many of our clients request. We feel we have been very successful in making homes that look traditional on the outside, but offer a modern lifestyle with the high ceilings, openness, brightness, and spacious flow that clients want in their homes today.

New York Architect Peter C. Kurth designed this Long Island, New York shingle style home, inspired by the Newport style of Architecture to reflect its waterside location on the Long Island Sound. The rear of the home was designed with full access to the outdoors, where the family takes full advantage of the pool and water views. Peter Kurth’s Architectural details are the keys to harmonious design in all of his New York Architect designed homes. Shingle style houses have become increasingly popular among Architect Peter Kurth’s base clientele, and New York Architects are incorporating this style into their Architectural designs. This Long Island, NY home designed by Architect Peter C. Kurth, has many of the details that are hallmarks of shingle style Architecture. But a good Architectural design takes into account much more than the current style trends. Peter Kurth’s Architectural designs incorporate the home styles his clients want with the enduring design details that will create lasting equity in the New York area.

Energy efficient design by Architect Peter Kurth is especially important for creating lasting value in a New York home. Peter C. Kurth Office of Architecture’s designs include the highest levels of insulation as well as the latest technologies into their NY Architect designed homes. This beautiful waterfront home was designed by Peter Kurth Architects to include Low-E glass, high efficiency heating and air conditioning, and other energy saving devices. Sustainability is another goal of Peter Kurth’s NY Architecture designs. Wide plank reclaimed wood flooring add to the warmth of this home, and Energy Star rated appliances and lighting with dimmers in all rooms add to the energy efficiency. Other sustainability features that Peter Kurth Architects have added to their New York Architectural designs involve specify low emissions paints and finishes, high efficiency heating and air conditioning, and low water usage plumbing fixtures. Technology is constantly changing and improving and Peter Kurth, as an active AIA member, follows these Architectural improvements through continuing Architectural education.

Peter Kurth Architects worked with many town, state, and coastal management organizations to facilitate the permit process for this home on the Long Island sound. Working with surveyors, engineers, and contractors on behalf of the home owner, Architect Peter Kurth was able to obtain all the necessary permits and supervise the construction throughout the entire process; a New York Architect will help the client go from initial design, through the application process, through bidding and construction, all the way to the receipt of the certificate of occupancy. New York Architect Peter Kurth appeared at many Town Board meetings, met with Coastal Management, and interviewed Contractors on behalf of the homeowner.

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